Property management involves the processes, systems and manpower required to manage the life cycle of all acquired property as defined above including acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization and disposition.

For example, you have purchased your dream apartment or house. It may or may not be brand new. It could be an investment property or your future home. You have just kept it vacant. You are undecided if you want to rent it out or use it when you visit the city.  Just because it is vacant, does not mean that you can remain idle. You still need to keep an eye on it. Is the property in good shape ?  Is it being vandalized or misused ? Is there damage due to water ? Are the windows intact ? Are there any birds nesting in your windows or sun shades ? As a property owner these are concerns that can cause you stress.

We at Lime Prop Care  resolve all such worries through efficient Property  Management.

Investing in real estate has always been fruitful. The returns in investing in Real Estate are time tested. Owning a property is great. But, how safe is your investment in Property ? You might have heard or read in the newspapers about the misuse of vacant properties. Miscreants & Encroachers usually have their eye on a property that is obviously not watched.

Today’s property environment is more complex than ever before. There have never been so many options and self-proclaimed experts. With all this complexity and the huge cost of a poor choice, today’s property landscape is a minefield. You or someone whom you trust should visit the property regularly. It has to be monitored and protected.

This is why you need Lime Prop Care to help you navigate you through this maze.  Lime Prop Care is your single point of contact to resolve all your Property Management issues.

In today’s fast paced world, people are hard pressed for time and may not have the patience to deal with your Property Management issues.  We, at Lime Prop Care will manage your property in most cost effective and professional manner. We assure hassle free maintenance of your property while minimizing vacant days.  We can also tailor make our services to best suit your unique specifications.

A Good preventive maintenance program, if implemented keeps your property looking new for longer. An unused property, whether new or old, needs periodic inspection and cleaning, specially keeping the Indian climate in mind.  A new property can have  teething problems, and if left unattended, can escalate and lead to costly repairs. 

If your property is vacant, we at Lime will get your property cleaned and inspected every two weeks. We will share current pictures and a detailed report on your asset after every inspection.  If there is any maintenance issue, we will supervise the job and will send you pictures and reports before and after the repairs. If your property is tenanted, we will do an inspection every  six months and share a detailed report with you.  

Incase the property is vacant, the landlord pays for all repairs as per actual.  If the property is tenanted, then all maintenance and repair work will be executed as per the lease terms and conditions. Lime Prop Care will be accountable and responsible for supervising all such maintenance jobs.

Our services are cost effective as we enjoy economies of scale and we are happy to pass on the benefits to our esteemed clients.  

Yes, we do provide a warranty on repair work done. However, the warranty would depend on the job executed.

The correct evaluation of the rent amount is imperative to reduce vacant days. The rent is decided based on the current market trend by comparing rent of similar apartments in the vicinity at that point of time.

We insist on a company lease to ensure timely payment of rentals.  In case of personal lease, we ensure that a comfort letter is issued by the company where the tenant is currently employed. Alternatively, we ask for a recommendation letter from a gazetted officer.  We also conduct background checks and facilitate police verification.

In our Tenancy Management contract, we undertake to find you a new tenant without charging any additional fee in case the tenant vacates during first six months of the lease term.

The duration of our property management contract is 3 months. We also offer Tenancy Management services for a duration of 11 months or for the entire lease period. A separate contract is drawn out for the same.

We can recommend reputed and reliable architects/contractors/builders and supervise turnkey projects. We ensure that the job is executed as per the desired standard, within the stipulated timeframe & budget.

We will send you weekly reports of the work in progress with pictures and ensure that the weekly expense report is sent to you as well.

The expense  will be a fraction of the annual rent or the cost of your estate. The ROI that you will enjoy on the property will compensate for all Property Management fees. Maintaining a property while looking for a tenant is imperative to minimize vacant days. A badly maintained, unkempt property can lose curb appeal and can result in loss of rent and costly repairs as well. So, it would actually be expensive to hire Lime Prop Care.